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Retro Industrial Upcycled Steampunk Vintage Bicycle Table Lamp


The Upcycle transforms bicycle waste in to beautifully designed Upcycles. This is unique handmade standing lamp made out of recycled bicycle parts.

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This is a bespoke and sturdy handmade lamp constructed from old vintage and recycled bicycle parts and modern day electrical components that meet the latest electrical standards. It is the perfect size to sit on any table, cabinet, work station or display area. It is truly a piece of artwork creation by our designer artist.


It has a clever base that runs on internal ball bearings, which allows the wheel to rotate freely through 360 degrees without having to physically move the base. The rustic finish runs throughout the lamp and provides a striking contrast. An extremely practical and tangible lamp that would appeal to cycling fans and sports fans in general, students, teenagers, sons, dads and granddads ! It is also a great gift idea for your studio or apartment with its vintage and rustic industrial steampunk design.

As these items are recycled there will inevitably be some natural wear and tear and ageing marks in some places.


Samples photos of the retro upcycled steampunk vintage bicycle lamp




Olympia White Typewriter




30 days


Typewriter are in fair antique condition. It has not been tested, but all parts move freely appears to work as designed. It might needs a good cleaning, oiling or service to work. The typewriter would be great to collect and display.