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Polaroid Red Spectra System Camera


Spectra cameras are thought to take higher-quality pictures than a 600 Polaroid camera, due to the camera’s higher build quality and a proportionally larger print area.
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  • One (1) Polaroid LMS Camera


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Polaroid introduced the Spectra system of cameras in 1986. It was an all-new line of cameras, and had a corresponding new film. The classic vintage Polaroid Spectra camera instantly delivers sharp and clear pictures. This Polaroid film camera is built with strong material with simple functions for ease of use.


Spectra film is otherwise identical to 600 film – ISO speed, development method and operation remain identical. The Spectra range of cameras also sport better lenses on average than the 600-film range, with most of the models utilising an arc-shaped range of focusing lenses inside the body that swing across the exterior lens element to provide correct focusing, rather than adjusting the distance between internal lens elements.

Land系列是拍立得发展史上最高销量的相机,在这發明前,宝丽来相机是採用拉紙式的,就是按快門後,拍摄者要自行從相机中拉出宝丽来,然後撕开相底,這才能看到相片,但Land卻是一按快門後,相片便会自动「吐出」,而且它可以做到『刮相』等特別效果。」 喜欢宝丽来的人,就是喜欢一种对顏色的感觉,以及一按快門,相片便即時显现的独特效果所帶來快感乐趣。


Samples of Polaroid Spectra Type 1200 films

Spectra film is different from 600 integral film in that it has a different image format: a rectangular 9.2 x 7.3cm rather than 600 film’s square format.

PX100 / PX600 Silver Shade

Paloroid SX-70 Photo 2 Paloroid SX-70 Photo 7

This camera produces instant developing photographs in the classic Polaroid format so many of us are familiar with. You will be able to shoot vintage style pictures in the classic square format with the white border.


Polaroid Spectra System


Red and Black body


Quintic 125mm f/10 3-element


30 days


Cameras are refurbished to make it to be in good appearance. Some may have experienced some small signs of wear, but mechanisms and overall condition are good.


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125mm/f10 ‘Quintic Lens’ . The depth of field is quite large, but is possible to throw the background out of focus a bit if you focus on something very close. There is extremely little distortion; straight lines stay straight in case you’re shooting a door or something. Autofocus is fast and accurate. It uses a sonar thingy, metering is accurate.