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Leica R4 Camera & Lens Boxset


This monster Leica camera and accessories setup bundle with every necessary tools you need to capture wildlife, concert, sports, birds, landscapes, surveillance and any outdoor photo-shoot!

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The Leica R4 is a smallest compact camera of all Leica SLR cameras. It has most of the features that a camera owner in the eighties could imagine. It is extremely perfect build, loaded with features, accepts motor drive and has a high status value. 100% genuine product from Leica.

Package Includes: (all original & working good) Like New Condition!

– One (1) Leica R4 MOT Electronic Camera Body

– One (1) Tele-Astranar 1:6.3 f=400 Telephotos Lens (for Leica-SL)

– One (1) Leitz Extender-R 2x for Leica R3/R4 (Made in Germany)

– One (1) Leitz BRAUN VarioZoom 340M SCA Flash

– One (1) Leica Motor Winder R4

– One (1) Professional Hard Protection Briefcase with foam (come with locks & keys)

– All original front and rear lens cap


This hard case is watertight, dust proof and crush resistant with protection foam inside which is good to protect the fragile cameras & accessories. It is easy to carry portability anywhere with you camera protected. It served as a dry box to store the cameras and accessories to stay away from fungus, mold and humidity when you not using it. Remember, fungus is your camera’s worst enemy!


*Cameras are refurbished to make it to be in good appearance. Some may have experienced some small signs of wear, but mechanisms and overall condition are good.

**All photos attached are 100% exact products & actual pictures taken by us. What you see is what you get!


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