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Kanebishi 88 Typewriter


The Kanebishi 88 is a portable mechanical typewriter first time produced in 1980. This typewriter was popular amongst journalists and students. The keyboard uses the QWERTY word layout.

Package Includes:

  • One (1) Kanebishi 88 Typewriter
  • One (1) Original Hand-Carry Casing


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type·writ·er  [tahyp-rahy-ter]
1. a machine for writing mechanically in letters and characters like those produced by printers’ types.
2. Printing . a type style that gives the appearance of typewritten copy.
3. Older Use . a typist.



A typewriter is a mechanical or electromechanical device with keys that, when pressed, cause characters to be printed on a medium, usually paper. Typically one character is printed per keypress, and the machine prints the characters by making ink impressions of type elements similar to the sorts used in movable type letterpress printing. - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

打字机就是用以代替手工书写、 誊抄、 复写和刻制蜡板的机器。 打字机是用于书写的一种机械的,电机的,或电子的设备。使用时,通过敲击键盘上的某一个按键,该按键对应的字符的字模会打击到色带上,从而在纸或其他媒介上打出该字符。每一次字符的敲打,打字机都会把纸向左移动,以备打印下一个字符。 - 百度百科

Vintage Olivetti LETTERA 25 Typewriter 2


After the invention of typewriter in the 1860s, it quickly became indispensable tools for practically all writing other than personal correspondence. They were widely used by professional writers, in offices, and for business correspondence in private homes. By the end of the 1980s, word processors and personal computers had largely displaced typewriters in most of these uses.

世界上最早的打字机诞生于1860年,使工作变得容易些、快速些,并且更为有效的机器。打字机很快得到推广,打字机在整个欧洲、美洲的办公室里已是平常之物了。 但好景不长,随着个人计算机(PC)技术的进一步发展,电脑打字机很快就被功能日益强大的个人电脑所取代。

How much do we love Typewriter? Perhaps it is our love of vintage, or even love of the written word – but something about old typewriters, well makes us feel nostalgia. Remember the romance of this little key tik tik’ing away and the bell at the end of the line.



Samples usage of a Vintage Typewriter

Most of us want a typewriter, either using it in stationery for real or just as a decor for your house/shop, Photo-Shooting Props, and even for repurposed usage.

Typewriter Wall

These days, Typewriter have been used as a major appearance in wedding decoration. Typewriter set up on the guest book table for guests to type a message or a wish for the bride and groom. This is a great way to use the vintage typewriter as a decor piece and to involve wedding guests, who’ll have a lot of fun using it. At the end of the night, roll up the paper like a scroll and secure with a ribbon!


Now after the glamorous vintage wedding, the typewriter will be sitting tight in the new house’s dining room or hallway. It has such a beautiful presence as a lovely little time capsule on the table from a time before ours. New friends will comment on how lovely it is and old friends remember it from the wedding day.




Kanebishi 88 Typewriter




30 days


Typewriter are in fair antique condition. It has not been tested, but all parts move freely appears to work as designed. It might needs a good cleaning, oiling or service to work. The typewriter would be great to collect and display.